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PSB Insurance +

PSB are specialist aviation insurance brokers and can provide insurance for any aircraft, ranging from General Aviation (including Fixed Wing and/or Rotor Wing Turbine aircraft) through to Recreational Aircraft.

Looking to purchase an aircraft through and would like an insurance quote?

We have aviation insurance specialists waiting to assist you.

Straightforward Insurance Advice

We understand insurance can be confusing at times. That's why we have a dedicated team of professionals who understand the aviation industry ready to answer any questions you may have.

If you own or are looking to purchase a General Aviation aircraft give us a call for a free quote on (08) 8271 9677.

Alternatively if you own or are looking to purchase a Recreational Aviation Insurance click the link below.

General Aviation Insurance Quote

To obtain a free, no-obligation quote give our Aviation Insurance specialists a call today on (08) 8271 9677.

Frequently Asked Questions


Whilst an Aviation Insurance policy is an Agreed Value policy, generally we recommend insuring your aircraft for what it would cost if you had to replace it with an identical aircraft (Year/Make/Model), not necessarily what you paid for it or spent on it.

We would suggest having a look in one of the Aviation Publications or On-Line sales and see what similar Year/Make/Model aircraft are being sold for.


As people’s needs differ, generally there is no standard recommended amount of liability coverage. What you do need to consider are factors like, what the aircraft is being used for i.e. private or business, how many passengers you are carrying, whether there are laws requiring you to have have certain coverage (ie. Carriers Liability Act with commercial operations) and whether you already have some level of coverage through organisations as Recreational Aviation Australia.

Generally we would recommend that you have the highest limit you can afford given the circumstances of your operations.


Yes. Whilst your aircraft may not be flying during this time there is still a risk of damage whilst in on the ground. The maintenance organisation may have liability coverage, however this only protects them for their legal liability arising out of damage to your aircraft. Damage arising out of events such as Storm, Fire etc. may not be covered by their policy and therefore we recommend you maintain your existing coverage. Should your aircraft be out of action for several months you can request that your policy be amended to ground risks.


Generally any pilot that you have named on the policy is permitted to fly the aircraft.

You can also elect to have an “Open Pilot Warranty” on most aircraft insurance policies which allows pilots who exceed the minimum qualifications and hours to fly the aircraft on an occasional basis without being a Named Pilot on the policy. We would suggest that only pilots who fly an aircraft occasionally should fly under the Open Pilot Warranty, all others should be Named Pilots.

You should however consider that the pilot warranty has a significant impact on the premium ie the higher the pilot warranty, the lower the premium.


In fact this is a good way of keeping your premiums to a minimum by electing to take a higher level of excess. Typically, the standard excess on an Aircraft Hull policy is calculated at 1% of the Hull Sum Insured. By taking a higher excess you are accepting that you are prepared to pay for the incidents where minor damage is sustained, however are unable to take the risk in the event of a major event. Insurers are prepared to pass on discounts in this regard.

Please note that there is generally no excess for liability coverage, hence discounts would only be passed on in respect of the hull component of the premium.

Recreational Aviation Insurance Quote

- Instant Quote & Cover in 5 Minutes
- Top Up Liability
- Top Up Passengers Liability
- Non Members Liability
- Up to $10 Million Liability Cover
- RA-Aus Registered Hull Cover

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Aviation Products & Services

- Aircraft Hull & Liability
- Loss of Use Insurance
- Hangar-keepers Liability
- Aircraft Maintenance Liability
- Airfield Premises Liability
- Non-Ownership Liability
- Aerial Application Liability
- Airshow Liability
- Aviation Products Liability
- Professional Indemnity
- Pilot Personal Accident Insurance
- Aviation Business Insurance (inc. Hangars)

Specialist Aviation Insurance Brokers

We have provided specialist broking services to the aviation industry for the past 20 years working closely with many GA aircraft owners and operators throughout the country to provide expert advice and solutions.

We pride ourselves on listening to our clients needs, not just selling insurance. We also understand that everyone has different attitudes to risk and we will work with you to find a suitable insurance solution.

Aviation is a specialist industry and if you’re not sure if your existing policy will provide you with a soft landing (in case you have a hard landing) contact us today and let us work for you.

Give Us A Call Today

For all aviation insurance enquiries please give us a call on (08) 8271 9677 and our specialist aviation insurance brokers will discuss your needs and find you a suitable insurance solution.


PSB Insurance Brokers

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